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we’ll help you get covered for everything you need, in a variety of ways.

Health Insurance

Whether you currently have insurance or you don’t have any insurance coverage at all, we will take a look at your situation. Our job is to make sure you don’t have any gaps in coverage and that you’re not overpaying.

Life Insurance

Many people don’t want to consider the unthinkable, it’s important to have a plan to take care of your loved ones, and make sure they’re protected in a worst-case-scenario situation, that's where we help!

Group Insurance

Want to stand out and attract the best employees to your company? Ruby Insurance can help businesses do this easier and better with excellent benefits at an affordable price.

Medicare Insurance

Accidents and unforeseen medical expenses occur every day. We provide Medicare supplemental plans that cover for these situations, as well as critical illness coverage for Medicare.

Dental Insurance

Finding quality dental coverage can be challenging. We shortcut the process by shopping for the best dental plans out there for you. And we do it in the most affordable way possible.

Vision Insurance

We are committed to getting you the best vision coverage by shopping a variety of independent plans. We’ll help you find the plan that fits your vision care needs and whatever vision coverage you need.

Accidental Insurance

Emergency room visits are expensive. Accident coverage can help. Accident insurance is important to have when life happens. It ensures you and your family are financially compensated and protected.

Critical Insurance

Some clients have come to us as the picture of health, and a few years later called to tell us they were diagnosed with cancer, or had a heart attack. It is the best feeling to tell these they are taken care of.

Advocacy Services

We are a full advocacy service company. We provide advocacy services because there is such a high demand from people wanting to understand how their insurance coverage work.

Pet Insurance

Dogs and cats need coverage too, and pet emergency room visits can often be as expensive.Ruby Insurance services will help you get affordable insurance for your furry family members.

Travel Insurance

If you travel often, we recommend you get travelers insurance. It’s an extra layer of protection to make sure you’re covered when you’re away from home in the United States or oversees.

Ruby Insurance

Ruby Insurance Services proudly serves all 50 states finding you the most comprehensive plan for your budget.

Mike Rubenstein is an invaluable support for my wife and I with out health insurance needs. We’re both independent - and having access to the options Mike offers (by themselves) is at best overwhelming. Mike breaks everything down for us, instructing us on what’s needed, what’s good enough, and even when we’re at the point of overkill. He also helped us with selections on the ACA plans, which doesn’t benefit him…but he helped us anyway. Every chance I get, I recommend Mike. He’s the only person I’d want in my corner if I had to do this again.”

Tom P.

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