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As a health insurance broker, I help individuals, families, self-employed professionals, as well as business owners to find affordable health insurance. I work with hundreds of carriers throughout the US and have access to a wide variety of options for my clients. I’m licensed in 48 states, and am able to help with plan options throughout the country. I also train and oversee over 40 health insurance agents, while regularly providing career opportunities for new agents with flexible hours and unlimited income potential. With 16+ years of experience, my mission is to get you the most comprehensive health plan you can afford.

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  • We shop hundreds of carriers to get you the best value. 

  • We’re a multi-award winning insurance agency, known for taking care of our clients.

  • We don’t charge any fees for our consultative services. 

  • We make sure you don’t overpay for what you don’t need.

  • We don’t disappear after we match you with a plan. We are always available if you have questions. 

  • We’ll look at your current plan at no charge and tell you if you’re overinsured or underinsured, or paying too much.

“I have worked with Michael Rubenstein for all of my families health insurance needs . His professionalism , industry knowledge, thoughtfulness , and attention to detail should be the industry standard.”

Jay C.

Life is Unpredictable.

It Helps to Know You’re Covered No Matter What.

When you work with us at Ruby Insurance Services, you get a team of highly trained health insurance experts working on your side. With thousands of happy clients, we won’t rest until we know you and your loved ones are protected.

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Sometimes people think health insurance is expensive, but after they talk with us, they realize it’s more affordable than they expected. In fact, many people who contact us with wish they had reached out to us earlier than they did. Going without health insurance for so long can really rack up a lot of expenses that take a while to pay off.

At Ruby Insurance Services, we will work with your budget and help you find a plan you feel is reasonable for you. Our biggest concern is making sure you and your family members have the best possible coverage you can afford. Learn more.

Not only are you gambling every day that you don’t have health insurance, but you’re putting your loved ones at risk as well. Medical collectors can go after your family if your bills are left unpaid after an accident or illness, or at the time of your death. We don’t believe in scare tactics, but we do believe it’s important that people are aware of the risks of having no insurance, or bare bones insurance. Unfortunately, we have seen some sad situations in our industry far too often. So we want to make sure people realize how critical health coverage really is.

If getting better health insurance means you need to cut back in other areas, and you’re able to do that—you will feel so much better knowing you aren’t one emergency room visit away from financial disaster.

Give us a call at 847-414-6621. We can look at a variety of different options and find a solution that works for you. Learn more.

Health insurance and communication with medical providers can be confusing. That’s why we work as advocates on your behalf.

Here are just some of the ways we help you with health insurance:

We listen to you, and help you understand the type of coverage you need

We show you the types of coverage your plan provides and explain it in a way that makes sense to you

We look at your current insurance, and find out where your gaps in coverage are—so you don’t get hit with surprise bills

We’ll show you how to figure out a medical bill that reads like a different language (We can translate it for you)

We have access to over 200 carrier options and 2,600 products and we shop them to find the best fit for you

And much more!

We aren’t just here to help match you up with an insurance plan, we’re also here after you purchase health insurance. It’s important to us that our clients know we are on their side, ready to help when they need us. Learn more.

It depends on the type of plan you have. According to Consumer Health Ratings, a typical emergency room visit for an uninsured person was about $1,500 three years ago. Unfortunately, costs are even higher now.

Many people who declare bankruptcy because of medical bills actually have health insurance. That’s why working with our agency is so important. Common reasons for declaring medical bankruptcy are inadequate coverage and high deductibles. Your medical risk is based on the quality of your plan and the benefits you have. Our goal is to get you as close to 100% coverage as possible. When we meet with you, we factor in your budget and your current health needs to accomplish this. 

The likelihood that you can continue going to the doctor you want to is very high, even if you change health insurance plans. The majority of plans we have available use nationwide PPO networks, which give you that option.

People often get a false sense of security with health insurance provided by their employer. Then, they go to the doctor and get the bill—and they’re shocked to see how much it is.

Working for an employer that provides benefits is a great perk. Still, all employer based plans have out-of-pocket gaps that can cause your savings account balance to take a major hit. We can help cover you against that.

We have plans at all levels of deductibles—from zero deductible plans and ranging up from there. Your deductible will vary depending on the amount of courage and plan you get. Again, we will help you determine what makes the most sense for you based on your budget.

We have many clients who travel often, and we recommend travelers insurance for them. The majority of the plans we sell are in network, throughout the US. If you’re traveling out of the country, or if you’re an international resident coming into the US, we also provide travelers insurance for those situations.

Getting travelers insurance means you can travel and have peace of mind, knowing you and your loved ones are covered.

Becoming a health insurance agent is a great option. Ruby Insurance is a top agency and has been recognized for numerous awards. We are proudly partnered with HST; Healthcare Solutions Team. Glassdoor employee reviews show 85% would recommend HST to a friend and 95% approve of the CEO. Most companies can’t claim those types of ratings! We can’t hide that we all enjoy what we do, and we love working in a family-type atmosphere.

No need to worry about how you’ll get your first clients. We show you how to do it, and we provide a massive amount of training, mentorship, and support. We’ll also show you how to market yourself. You can choose whether you’d like to work full time, or on a part-time basis.

Being a health insurance agent is a very rewarding career!

Great question. Even though you might select a high-deductible plan, we offer additional benefits to pay the deductible for you, giving you the coverage you need with the least amount of out-of-pocket expense.

Getting coverage as a self-employed person works the same as any other health insurance we provide. We don’t just randomly pick any plan for you that might not meet your needs (which is what online DIY insurance through a bot will do). Just like one-size-fits-all clothing doesn’t fit everybody, health insurance works the same way. Without the expertise of an experienced advocate helping you, you’re likely underinsured and paying too much.

We’ll help you get reliable and affordable coverage that works best for your health and budget. We’ll also make sure you get answers to any questions you might have about health insurance for self-employed people!

At Ruby Insurance Services, we are a full advocacy service, which means we help you to navigate between your health insurance and medical providers. We will help you understand your statements, explain your coverage, and assist you in locating the right doctors and specialists for your needs.

Yes, unfortunately, medical bankruptcy is still something that happens often. The US Census Bureau reported in 2021 that 19% of US Households can’t afford to pay for medical care. Let’s face it, medical costs in today’s times are not cheap.

Many people out there have no idea there are services like we provide. At Ruby Insurance Services, we do everything we can to make sure medical bankruptcy is never a possibility for you or your family members!

The answer is very simple—to avoid medical bankruptcy, get good health insurance coverage! We are here to help you do that in the most affordable way possible.

Life happens, and it’s also unpredictable. So are illnesses and accidents—and they don’t discriminate based on age or health. We’ve had clients who were in perfect health and things changed down the road. Some of our clients have come to us at 50 years old who had never seen a doctor in their life, and then had a heart attack a few months later. Some of our clients’ children have ended up in the hospital with major illnesses.

Sadly, accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of how healthy they are. While good health is a huge blessing in life, it’s crucial that you also prepare for the unthinkable. During those times, you will need all of your resources to get through that crisis, and a major financial strain adds an immense amount of stress on top of everything. We will help you to prevent that financial strain from ever coming into the picture.



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